Oh dear, here is my long and old history with Cosplay.  Well, this all started in high school, which was about nine years ago....(old) when I joined the Anime club in my school.  Through them, I found out about our local convention Animazement and decided to become a member of this nerdy otaku cosplay group.  Like everyone else, I started with something from Naruto and used the same outfit for more than one convention...yes I was THAT person....>.>

Otakon 2005, can you spot me?  I'm the only Sasuke I can find in that photo XD
 I also did some J-rock cosplays such as Daishi from Psycho Le Cemu.
Otakon....long time ago
There was a time when I thought cosplay was dumb and only wanted to dress cool like all the jrock fan-girls in h.naoto looking clothes, but I'm pretty sure I'm over that.  I would like to believe that anyone who has the courage to attend an anime convention is awesome.  If you make your own costume, you are even more awesome!
HXH cosplay for AZ 2006 (?)
When I entered college, things changed quite a bit....as in, I thought I was going to grow out of cosplay..but NO, it went to a whole new level.  Granted, I did take a long hiatus.  This is when I realized that it was awesome to have a roommate and boyfriend who is willing to cosplay!!  We can always gather a group of three for any series we wanted to cosplay!! Muwahahahaha!!!
As a result, we made our debut with silly Kuroshitsuji!
Many moons later, we have started this blog that is dedicated to our exploration in the cosplay world!! yay!!

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