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A little bit about me: I'm actually relatively new to cosplay - Mimi took me to Animazement 2008 during our sophomore year, and I was hooked.  My background was mainly video games up until a few years ago when I actively started watching anime, so I feel like I'm playing catch up on that front.  

I may be relatively new to cosplay, but I'm not new to making costumes or playing "dress up" for no apparent reason. I was that person who wanted to make all of her Halloween costumes from scratch (often from duct tape and cardboard while my parents watched in horror as I transformed their living room a veritable scrap heap).  

Mimi, Stuart and I cosplayed Kuroshitsuji at Animazement 2009, and although I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I feel like it turned out okay.
Yes, they are eating delicious imaginary ice cream.

I'll make later posts on things I learned about cosplay from this experience - namely, "what not to do".  But it was definitely a valuable learning experience.

At Animazement 2011 I went as the Witch with a group of Left 4 Dead cosplayers.  While I may have been more familiar with the character, source material,  and what I was doing, I learned some other things about cosplay.  Namely, check to make sure you don't actually appear naked before leaving the house.

Don't startle the Witch.  Seriously.  

The tutorial/troubleshooting post and more pictures can be found HERE.

More recently, at Katasucon 18, we went as characters from Soul Eater and two different iterations of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  For the Soul Eater cosplay I went as the singularly evil Medusa Gorgon, accompanied by Mimi as Eruka Frog and Stuart as Dr. Franken Stein.

Here we are, all enjoying the cold tile floor.

The rest of our pictures can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.  Thanks to Elysia of Fenyx Design for the awesome pics!

As for Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, I cosplayed as Panty Anarchy, the unabashed fallen angel of "loose moral character" (read: slut), while Mimi went as her sweet-loving sister Stocking and Stuart as their veritable punching bag pet, Chuck.

Pictures from our photoshoot can be seen HERE and HERE.  I'm sorry about the panties.  Really.  

Hoping no one walks through that door back there.

Cop Panty and Stocking (with bubbles)

At Animazement 2012 we had a fantastic group cosplay of Mirai Nikki, where I went as Minene Uryuu (Ninth).
How to look like a crazy person
Group fun!
Mimi, Stuart, and I did a Saturday group cosplay of Black Rock Shooter, where I cosplayed Black Gold Saw:
Model Pose Time

Pictures from ACen 2013 up soon!


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