Here we list some of our favorite blogs and websites!

Eternal Sonate by David
David is a dear friend of ours who is very talented at making/playing/modifying music.  He posts a ton of awesome video footage of him playing music from various games, anime, and movies.

Kamui Cosplay by Svetlana Quindt
This cosplayer is my inspiration and her blog is my go-to place for various tutorials and just things to awe over in general.  Nothing is impossible under her hands.

Fenyx Design by Elysia (Deviant art account)
Elysia is a wonderful photographer from FL who has quit her day job to pursue a career in photography.  She is currently traveling around the east coast to attend cons and take photos of cosplayers.

Photography by Jack Liu (Flickr account)
Jack is a very talented photographer from Canada that takes some of the most amazing photos of cosplayers.

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