Yo people!

I'm Stuart, and I am a huge video game, video game music, and percussion nerd.  I'm pretty much a noob to cosplay, but I love it nonetheless.  I first went to an anime convention in 2007, but didn't pay much attention or know exactly what cosplay was and mainly went and played video games.  In 2008, I attended again and started to pay a little more attention to what cosplay was really about, and how epic it can be.  Mimi, being the awesome girlfriend she is, got everyone excited about creating our own costumes.  Consequently, the next year the three of us cosplayed Ciel, Grell, and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji at Animazement 2009. 

IT WAS AWESOME.  The thrill you get from showing off your magnificent costumes at a convention is invigorating, and a little addicting, lol. My Sebastian outfit, however, was almost ENTIRELY made by Mimi.  I knew NOTHING about sewing or fabric or anything at the time.  But since I've been learned a little more, I've been trying to be more independent in making my cosplay. (Hopefully I can make a costume all on my own eventually!)  

Mimi and I, busy with school work and traveling and such, had to be absent from cons and cosplay for quite a while.  But we, and Kathryn, attended Katsucon 2012 in full force, debuting our Soul Eater and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt cosplays! 

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