Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're back! and MZMA Sword Recap

Hello everybody!  Phew, these past couple of weeks have been super super hectic, but SOOO much fun.  After attending Animazement (cosplaying all three days of the con), and after taking a week long trip to Disney World and Universal Studios, Cosplay-vania is finally back home! :)

During the time that we were preparing for Animazement, we kind of neglected our blog for a while Q_Q.  So I thought I'd go back and show the development of one of my favorite parts of my MZMA cosplay - his sword.

We started with a 5.5' by 2' rectangle of thick pink insulation foam board (found at Home Depot).  The foam was then carved down to make a rough outline of sword (except for the side piece near the hilt).  Once carved, we identified a location to place the hilt (in this case, a long, skinny cardboard tube filled with spray insulation foam), and cut a space long enough so that about 2 ft would stick out of the back of the sword.  The tube was then place inside the sword and surrounded with spray insulation foam for adherence and stability.

When the spray foam cured enough, we carved off the top layer so that it was smooth with the rest of the pink insulation board.  Thankfully, this worked really well to keep the tube steady inside the sword.  Using some extra pink insulation foam board, we cut out a piece that would work for that corner piece near the back of the sword.  It was then secured to the rest of the sword using spray foam.
The completed outline of the sword. 

 The remaining spray foam was carved so that the sword was smooth all over.  We then applied paper-mache to the foam components of the sword, and coated it with Mod Podge.

I wish I had more pictures for this next part, but we were in a time crunch and could not take many pics.  We spray painted the sword red and used black electrical tape to cover the hilt.  Red and black fun foam pieces were used to detail the tip of the sword, and pieces of industrial pipe foam were used to make those large black protrusions near the middle and backside of the sword.  Hot glue was our adhesive of choice :P  As a final detail, we used gold dimensional paint to outline parts of the tip and black dimensional paint to make the holes in the tip.

Because I had to cut many pieces of pipe foam to get the shapes right, the sword came out looking more rugged than polished, which actually worked out alright.  Also, because it was surrounded in pipe foam, the sword was nice and squishy, hehe.  Once we get some more pictures from our photographers, you will be able to see the full sword, and its size compared to my height.  Mimi helped out TREMENDOUSLY in the concept and creating of the sword.  I really couldn't have made this in time without her.

Thanks everyone, and we'll be sure post more often now that we have time and are not on vacation, hahaha. 


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