Friday, June 29, 2012

MZMA Cosplay - Wig

Yo people!

So today I'm going to post some pics of how we styled the wig for MZMA (and by we I mean Mimi).  Now I know that Gachapin's modeling images are still well within your memory, but for reference here he is modeling the CosplayWigsUSA wig we purchased.

...and here it is sitting on m head, uncut and unstyled.

And now the cuts!   Mimi did an awesome job shaping MZMA's wig to what it should look like.  Much was taken off of the front and back.

 And after feathering the wig and giving it some volume, here's what it looked like (notice the little tuft of hair in the back):

[Just as a side note, if you wear a plastic garbage bag on your body while you get your hair/wig cut and styled, you will desperately need to shower afterwards (SOOOO SWEATY XD).]

I think wig turned out awesomely accurate!  The black spinal headpiece was attached with three wig clips.  The wig clips worked well for keeping the headpiece in place, but in practice, only about one was needed.

Thanks to Mimi for all of her hair-cutting expertise and patience!
We'll be back to post more cosplay pics soon, and hopefully we can show you some of our completed costumes :D



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