Friday, July 6, 2012

Black Rock Shooter photoshoot with Bryan Regan part1 Insane Black Rock Shooter

Hi guys, no time no post...>.> but today's post is pretty awesome!  I'm here to share with you guys some photos from our Black Rock Shooter photoshoot with Bryan Regan, a local professional photographer who we had a wonderful opportunity to work with.  

Below are photos of me as Insane Black Rock Shooter for Animazement 18.   Remember, you will see a bigger photo if you click on it :D

we took these pictures near the train tracks about 10min away from the Raleigh convention center.  The location was great, but Bryan's lighting skills are even better! 

I'm really happy that this photo shows the blue streak in my hair.  It took me a while to sew them in ^.^

Close up of my face........wahhhhhhhhhhhh =_=;

and here are some outtakes:

my hair and shoulder piece fell off >.>

dude, I'm trying to say something here!

The broken Insane Blade Claw Q_Q
Many many many thanks to Bryan Regan for dealing with our ridiculous personalities!!  Stay tuned for more awesome photos from Bryan of Black Gold Saw and MZMA.  I promise there will also be crazy photos from Katsuya Weller coming soon as well!  :D



  1. All-in-all, about how much did all of this cost you to make?

    1. I think it took about $200 (perhaps a little more).

  2. I'm trying to make cosplay Insane Black Rock Shooter too. Really understand your feeling, it's really hard to make. =.= But really nice cosplay. :3


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