Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Contacts Review, Ahoy!

So I thought that I would do a brief review of the contacts I used (or in one case, tried to use) for the Minene Uryuu and Black Gold Saw cosplays.  Since I have green eyes, sometimes it's difficult to know for sure how contacts will look on me, so I feel like these kinds of reviews come in handy on occasion.

Green eyes are green.  I swear that I never used to take these silly mirror pictures before this blog started...

Both of these sets of contacts were ordered from Pinky Paradise, pretty much my go-to place for colored contacts.  In addition, as I can see approximately three inches in front of my face without corrective lenses, both of these contacts come with strong prescriptions.

Black Gold Saw: Vassen Ruby Red 

You can see my natural eye color around the center of the pupil, but it actually looks pretty interesting.  You can't tell from this picture, but they actually do look a bit more red than they appear here.  They were very comfortable - I wore them for at least 10 hours (although you are definitely not supposed to do that), and I felt no discomfort whatsoever.  It felt like I was just wearing my normal contacts.

Minene Uryuu: E.O.S. Dolly Eye Violet 

...Well.  I'm afraid there will be no pictures of myself in these contacts.  I'm not sure what was wrong with them, but I could not for the life of me get them in my eyes without experiencing an intense burning that preceded immediate removal, on pain of death.  I had hoped it was a fluke, but I tried to put the contacts in three times that day, and each time I encountered the burning fire of a thousand suns...in my eyeballs.  

  Now imagine this in your eyes.  This horrible color that makes your eyes burn?  Yes.  Just like that.  Times a thousand.
I contacted Pinky Paradise about this, and they indicated that in order to give a refund or replacement that they would need pictures of the contacts and the bottles they came in with the expiration date visible.  As I had never had a problem with Pinky Paradise lenses before, I hadn't made a habit of taking pictures before opening the contacts, so I was unable to get a refund.  In the future I will remember to take lots of pictures, and I would recommend that others do the same.  Regardless, I have gotten many great contacts from Pinky Paradise and have never had any problems before, so I will write this off as a fluke.  

So what have I learned?  
1. Always takes pictures of the contacts you receive before you open them.  
2. Don't put things in your eyes that do not belong there.  Your eyes will tell you.  Vehemently.  
3. The bathrooms at Animazement have terrible lighting for re-applying makeup after your eyes have been watering.  Bring a compact mirror.  

And just because I can:

Well put.


  1. I've had problems with violet colored contacts before from different companies. I'm wondering if it's something they use to make the purple color?

    1. It's interesting you say that, because the previous set of violet lenses I had weren't as comfortable as they could have been (although I could at least wear them for a few hours, unlike this pair). Maybe we've been unlucky, but that's an interesting idea...


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