Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Black Rock Shooter Photoshoot - Katsuya Weller

I'm back with what I believe is the final leftover from the backlog of last year- The Black Rock Shooter photoshoot from the talented Katsuya Weller!  We dragged her all the way to the North Carolina Museum of Art for part of this shoot, and we thank her profusely for putting up with all of our "getting lost while driving" and "having our costumes melt and/or fall apart" nonsense.
Yes, bask in the glory of the giant circles
Stuart's model close-up
Dramatic gaze into the distance
Then we trekked back to the convention center so we could dramatically lay down on the floor.
Careful not to get stepped on

Because I just love my sword SO MUCH
Group shot!
To see all of these pictures in their high-resolution glory, here is Katsuya's AZ 2012 photoshoot set on Flickr.



  1. Great cosplays! :)


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