Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mirai Nikki Photoshoot (circa AZ 2012)

Another item from the backlog of things from last summer- the Mirai Nikki photoshoots with the wonderful and talented Katsuya Weller!  Beware- massive photo spam below.

Group shots yeaaaah

Everyone loves sketchy parking lots full of cosplayers
Poor Stuart and his miniscule field of vision
Lounging on the sketchy stairs
Read all the manga! (i.e. the Ratchet and Clank comic we borrowed off of Katsuya)
Time for Mimi's closeup!
Ninth / Minene Uryuu!
I recall this feeling very awkward
Yes, scream into the microphone like a crazy person!
Third / I don't remember his real name because he dies after the first episode (spoilers)!

Guys, we should probably take the stairs instead


Next up, Katsuya's Black Rock Shooter pictures!


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