Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cosplay Progress: Murumuru (with a small bracelet tutorial)

Sorry for the lack of updates, a lot has happened lately to my family and friends.  Anyhow, I have made some major progress with my Murumuru cosplay from Mirai Nikki, so I'm going to post it here.  :D

Currently, I'm done with Murumuru's shirt, panties + tail, and bracelet.  
I made the shirt from scratch out of some pattern I used for my Ciel cosplay long long time ago.  I altered the pattern quite a bit, but I think the vest came out a little short >.> oh well.  

Anyhow, onto the bracelet tutorial:

1. Buy some cheap plastic bracelet and clay.  I used La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay, I like this type of clay because it is very easy to sand.  

2. Then, I just wrapped strips of clay onto the plastic bracelet.  This step would be a lot easier if you use water, water really helps to soften the clay.  Well, my clay is a little old, so it kinda dried out.  >.>

Here are the two I made, obviously, they are not perfect, but I can sand them down later to make them a little rounder and smoother.  They took about 24 hours to completely dry.

3. Sanding.  This process takes a little bit of patience, and know when to quit.  The good thing is, if you mess up, you can probably just add some more clay onto it.

See, it's a lot better!

4. Gesso.  I use a type of transparent gesso from Liquitex, it was just something I had from painting, but I'm sure you can using any gesso that works with whatever your paint is going to be.  This step is important because the plastic part of the bracelet is very smooth and hard to paint, you could even sand it so that the gesso would go on more easily.

5. Painting!  I painted everything white :D

6. Glaze or Clear nail polish.  Since I couldn't find my clay glaze, I just used some spare nail polish.

Anyways, I also started to make the little cat pin
hehe, it really needs to be sanded >.<

Here's everything I have so far:

That's all!


  1. This is absolutely great haha. Okay so here's what's up: I googled "Murumuru cosplay" because I'm trying to cosplay for Otakon this year! If thisa isn't too much to ask, do you think you could contact me with how you made your cosplay or where you got it? That would be so awesome. I actually have no idea how blogspot works, but my tumblr is hylianbabe, or you could contact me at thanks? c:

    1. Hi May,

      I made 90% of the costume. The vest was made from a pattern that I modified, I think you can just use a pattern for a shirt or a vest you can find in any fabric stores. As for the pants, I bought some really short shorts and attached a tail to it. The leg-pants thingie is held up with elastics. I hope that helps >.< The hair was a lot more challenging because it is back heavy. I don't have a tutorial for it, but you can find some tutorials on on how to attach ponytails.


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