Thursday, May 10, 2012

UPDATES! - Potpourri of progress

WAH, finally more progress from my side of cosplay. I've been totally absent from the blog for WEEKS, so this update is badly needed.  Ok so here's what what's been worked on so far:

1) Deus Ex Machina - Mask and crown
Mimi graciously created the crown in about an hour's time (excluding the time it took to for things to dry). The general shape was cut out of fun foam, mod-podged, and then spray painted.  Afterwards, Mimi took some gold 3D paint and created the superficial designs on the crown. Then, the whole thing was glued together in a circle.  Finally, Mimi took a hair dryer and heat formed the crown to be droopy like Deus' is.  :D.

The mask has also been completed.  The basic frame and white coat of spray paint have been finished for a while, but with limited pictures taken of them.  So Deus' face now looks pretty cool and angular, just like it should, hehe.  Mimi added the eyes with a couple of brush strokes of black paint.  

The major problem I predict with this mask is the limited visibility....that is I foresee not seeing.  See those to little triangles under the eyes?  Yup, that's where my eyes go, lol. Granted, I've tested it out, and I can see most things, but my peripheral vision will be significantly hindered.  

2)  MZMA - Gloves
To create these gloves, I meticulously cut out many craft foam squares and hot glued them on to the hockey gloves I doesn't sound as exciting written out as I thought it would, but hey, it's the truth.  These gloves aren't exactly accurate with the design of MZMA's, but they are pretty darn close.  This discrepancy comes from the joint placement within the gloves.  Sometimes, you gotta sacrifice design for functionality though, hehe.  

3) MZMA - Headpiece

I've cut MZMA's spinal cord and pelvis head piece out of fun foam.  My next steps with this will be to make it more three-dimensional looking and attaching it to the wig (you know, the one Gachapin modeled ;P).

4) MZMA - Coat

Here's a wonderfully messy work-in-progress shot of the gluing of one side of MZMA's coat.  The patterns on the coat have been cut out of red vinyl fabric and have been glued to the coat.  More pictures will come along as I (with tons and tons of Mimi's help [thanks so much MIMI!!!]) glue the rest on.

Well, that's all for now.  Next time (which will be MUCH SOONER than my previous posts) will be Deus' fingers, more of MZMA's coat and head piece, and MZMA's sword progress.  Now I gotta sleep so I can wake up EARLY in the morning.  Thanks guys!  



  1. That mask looks fantastic! :D

  2. Your MZMA cosplay is coming out so awesomely!
    I'm still working on the sword :x


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