Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Japanese hair dye, anyone? (Palty - Raspberry Macaroon)

I'm going to post something a little different on this blog today.  This goes with the "Vogue" section that I have started a couple of weeks ago.  The last time I got my hair dyed was ummmmm last year?  My roots have extended to the point that I started to have two toned hair.  Although I didn't hate the look completely, I also did not adore it.  Instead of spending ~$90 to get my hair dyed at my local salon, I decided to try out something new: DIY hair dye!

If you don't know, I'm Asian.  Meaning that I have rather dark hair that don't dye easily.  Due to my previous bad experiences with some salons in the US (ehem, sitting there for 4 hours to find out that my supposedly "red hair" has turned into "orange"), I have decided to purchase Japanese hair dye that is designed for Asian hair.

With their extremely cute design and bright pink packaging, Palty from Dariya has definitely captured my attention.  Since I just wanted to dye my hair a reddish-brown, I decided to choose Raspberry Macaroon (the decision might or might not have been made based on the name of the color >.>).  The dye itself was not cheap compared to the generic US dye products.  For $14, I got enough dye for my short hair.  However, $14 is much cheaper than $90.
Here's the awesome packaging
Where, below are some disturbing images of me, so beware...
The dye I got from
Before: if you ignore the derpy-ness, you will see that my poor hair is lighter at the end and the mirror is dirty
The dying process was simple, mix 1 & 2, shake shake, put on your hair.  I didn't really get anything dirty during the process.  The instruction sheet had a ton of information on how to do it "right."  However, since I started before I read the sheet...yeah oh well.  The sheet suggested on leaving the dye on for 20min, and I knew better than to follow the instruction, so I left it on for 40 instead.  According to the sheet, leaving it in for more than 40 min could severely damage your hair, so do it at your own risk. 

Here's the result:

I thought my hair was going to be a disaster when it was still wet, because the roots got really light and the rest was dark.  Anyhow, I think the dye worked pretty well.  The color was what I was going for and it matched the "expected color chart" at the back of the box.  I also used the conditioner that was included in the package.  It is not a wash-off conditioner, you put leave it in after you towel dry your hair.

I would say that the dye was enough for my hair, which means that it will not be enough for most people.  If you have hair more than twice my length, you should get at least 2 or 3 boxes.  I would use this hair dye again because it didn't damage my hair and I'm happy with the results :D

That's all for now~


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