Friday, April 6, 2012

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Photos... Part 2!

And now for the solo shots! I apologize in advance for what you are about to see. Mimi and I both had props, hers being Honekoneko, and mine being...uh...panties. Yeah. So, thanks again to Jack Liu, our wonderful photographer! Let the awkwardness commence!

Awkward sexy pose is awkward.

But you know what's even more awkward? Panties.

And you know what's even more awkward than that? The maintenance workers who were off camera and wouldn't leave or stop staring at us. Also, you can't tell from the pictures, but wearing those shoes made me feel like I was standing in a nest of angry hornets. For three hours.

Trying to mask the feeling of agonizing pain in my feet.

This was taken right after I accidentally threw my underwear in the photographers face. I'm sorry, Jack. So, so sorry. >_<

There is an explanation, really. He wanted me to try spinning them around my finger and get cool motion shots. Well. I'm not very coordinated at spinning panties around my finger, so they kind of...flew off. In a certain direction. Sigh.

You'd think it couldn't get more awkward. Well, it just did. CLOSE UP TIME.

And the most awkward thing about running around carrying panties while dressed as Panty Anarchy is the implication that I was NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR. Except I was. Wearing underwear. Okay, just crossed the tmi line. Going to go die in a corner now.

And with that finished, I am never writing the word panties again.



  1. Heheh, yeah...pandas...

    Awkward TFS reference is awkward in an attempt to make post feel less awkward? They really aren't ya' think.

    For what it's worth, those construction guys can't help but stand around and stare. If they didn't, then they'd be going against years and years of tradition and forever shunned by their fellow construction workers. I would know. I used to work construction on the beach and when I eschewed gawking at women in bikinis for the sake of work, I was ostracized. Don't take it personally, it's kinda' part of their job...a very, very creepy part.

  2. Awkward but pretty! And even if they are nests of angry hornets, those shoes are super cute :\ I am increasingly getting the impression that I should go ahead and watch this anime sometime.


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