Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soul Eater Photoshoot - Complete!

After a torturous wait of many moons (okay, it was barely a month), we have our completed Soul Eater photoshoot from Katsucon 18! Thanks so much to the wonderful Elysia of Fenyx Design, the pictures are fantastic!

Eruka perched atop Tadpole Jackson, who is looking rather well in this photograph, considering that at this point his face was falling off.

Eruka and Tadpole Jackson, a.k.a. the very best chair there ever was. Rest in Peace, Tadpole Jackson.

Dr. Stein turnin' the screw.

Stein, don't you know cigarettes are bad for you?

Medusa in what looks to be a sea of blood, how fitting. Oh good, my freaky backwards-bending elbow made an appearance.

Them's fightin' words! Stein and Medusa prepare for epic pose battle to end all pose battles.

Pretty sure this is Stein disemboweling Medusa. Either that or I am having a seizure.

Vogue poses, with Eruka looking decidedly fashionable, and Medusa looking oddly pensive for a manipulative psychopath.

Medusa choking Eruka, again. Now, now, Medusa, that's not a very nice way to treat your peons.

Our trio poses dramatically and hopes not to get stepped on by passers-by. Also, glasses lens flare ftw.

The rest of the album can be viewed HERE. Thanks again to Elysia of Fenyx Design and to the Gaylord National Convention Center (snrk) for having what is likely the most photogenic venue ever.


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