Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt photos are HERE! Part 1 - Group photos

We have JUST received a note from Jack Liu (= awesome photographer) that our PSG photos are ready!!! Yay!!!  I'm so happy with these photos not just because they are beautifully composed but also my skin look glorious C(✪ܫ✪)D Bwahahahahaha!  Anyways, onto the photos!  I'm splitting the post up to four because 1.) it's a lot of photos and 2.) that way I can feature everyone.  The first batch are the group photos (they are really good quality, but you have to click on it to see that!)!  

Series: Panty & Stocking wither Garterbelt
Characters: Panty (Kathryn), Stocking (Mimi), Chuck (Stuart)
Photographed by: Jack Liu
Location: Katsucon 18

Panty, Stocking and Chuck

Bad DOG!  (poor Stuey)

Panty + Stocking

If you are careful, you will notice that I forgot to put the stitches on Honekoneko's head.....Q_Q

Anyhow, ENJOY!


PS.  The wig coupon giveaway is still going on!!!  Check HERE for details. 


  1. These look fantastic! :D :D :D

  2. My honekoneko doll is also missing his stitches from the first time around. :P I have to fix him up, and was planning on giving him stitches, too, on the second time around. :)

    1. awww definitely fix him!! I will fix mine too >.> eventually XD

  3. In the words of a certain creation of Sacha Baron Cohen's: Nice!


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