Monday, February 20, 2012

Soul Eater Cosplay for Katsucon 18 part 1

We hired the amazing photographer Elysia from Fenyx Design to shoot our Soul Eater cosplay.  The photoshoot was super awesomely fun, but it will take a while for the photos to get processed.  Since we are very impatient people, we took some photos of our own to give you a glimpse of what we did for our Soul Eater cosplay.  (A sneakpeak for our photoshoo with Elysia is posted!)

Stuey as Dr.Stein

Kathryn as the evil Medusa

Stein X Medusa

Me as Eruka X Medusa

The costumes were a lot of fun to make (at least for me).  I think I will make a future post about what I have done with the dress and props and the mistakes I have made making this costume.



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