Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cosplay makeup: The Essentials - Base

I am no Michelle Phan, and also not a person that wears makeup everyday (assuming that lip-gloss doesn't count.)  I do, however, wear makeup for "special" occasions such as cosplay.  I am a firm believer in wearing makeup for cosplay because 1) it makes you look better on photos, 2) it makes you look more "in character".

I know there are some naturalists who would completely disagree with me, but since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I will respect your point-of-view.

Now, on to the main point.  I have tested various makeup products in the past, and the list below are the ones that I like the most and think are the most important items for my cosplay makeup.  These products usually go on my face in the order they are listed ^^

1. Toner - Thayers Witch Hazel Toner: Rose with Aloe Vera (Alcohol-free)
This product cleans my face very nicely by taking out all the excess grease.  It doesn't contain alcohol, so it does not dry out the skin.  The best thing about this toner is probably it's cheap price tag and the fact that it leaves a nice light rose scent on you after you use it.

2. Moisturizer - Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
I have a combination skin that is oily in some parts and very dry in other parts.  The toner above takes care of my oily parts, and this moisturizer takes care of my dry parts.  It is very smooth and non-greasy, so it just softens your facial skin.  Again, the best thing about it is that  it is much cheaper than most of the moisturizers out there.

3. Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
I like my cheap makeup products, but sometimes I also spend money on products that I truly fall in love with; and this is one of them.  I have never gotten a primer so smooth before.  It glides right on to your skin and makes it feel like silk.  I don't have too many large pores, so I cannot promise you that it will cover them up, but from the reviews I have read, they do a wonderful job at smoothing out the unevenness of your skin.  The product also doesn't leave your skin shiny like some other primers.

4. BB cream - Skin79 Super + Bb Triple Functions
Unlike Asian stereotypes, I don't own 10,000 BB creams.  I have only tried two and and settled with this one.  I have to say that this is definitely NOT the product for everyone.  For one thing, it is tinted and only comes in one shade.  It will make people with very fare skin look gray and people with dark skin look...gray.  However, it does work with my Asian yellow-tinted skin tone.  This product is thick and can be a little heavy compared to the other BB cream I have.   I usually apply it with a sponge by mixing it with my liquid foundation in 1:1 ratio.  I don't like the product by itself because of its thickness.  In case you are wondering, I do wear my BB cream/Foundation mixture on top of my primer.  I think it gives me a very even complexion.  To some, this practice might seem to be unnecessary since BB cream does claim to have similar effects as primer.  To me, I like the effect I get from layering my primer and BBcream + Foundation.

5. Foundation - MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
I have tried a range of liquid foundations, and in the end, I settled with MAC.  It's smooth, it's light, it's not greasy, and it has pretty good coverage.  Since I do use my foundation in combination with my BB cream, the coverage becomes exceptional.  MAC has nice collection of shades for everyone, so I do recommend going into a store and get your skin evaluated by the sales person.

6. Powder - Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
I would post a Shiseido powder I used to use here, but since they are not making it anymore (Q_Q) I'm posting this new powder I got and love.  First of all, it is expensive, so expensive that I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but it I guess my wallet wept a little but I'm happy.  The powder is compressed underneath a layer of blade which you have to rotate to make loose powder.  I think the compressed powder is pretty big, so the product will be lasting me for a while.  The powder itself is very smooth and applies very evenly, it is also long lasting unlike many other powders that kind of just melt away.  It was hard for me to decide on a shade, but I went with the light/medium one which works pretty nicely with my slightly tan Asian complexion.
The brush was included :D
Now onto some pictures of me wearing all of these things XD
Taken from Darren OSG, Photographs
This picture was taken after I had my makeup on for about 5 to 6 hours.  I did not reapply anything, and I think the powder/foundation stayed very well.  My nose is a little shiny~ >.>

Surprisingly, this Eruka photo is actually not edited (I know...).  You can see that my skin appears to be pretty smooth here from the makeup.

Last but not least, a picture of me without makeup:
Hahahaha!  Comment if you have questions regarding anything!!!


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