Saturday, March 10, 2012

Details on the MZMA costume

I'm posting some screencaps from the Black Rock Shooter PSP game for Stuart and others are are thinking about doing MZMA cosplay.  The quality of the pictures are low, but hopefully it shows enough details for people to understand the motifs on his jacket.

Front view

Details on the collar and head piece

Details on the glove

Details on the sword and glove

Back view

Back view

Front motif detail

Leg pouch detail

Back of head
That's that!  Hopefully this can be useful for the people out there planning to cosplay MZMA.  I'm still having difficulties understanding his coat (is it a long coat + skirt or a short coat + skirt?).

Anyways, here's a preview of upcoming wig review from Gachapin!

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  1. I've really been enjoying this blog. I know I don't really talk about it much, but I actually have a lot of respect for dedicated cosplay. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics!

    1. aww Thank you Colin! We will post progress pics once we actually have some XD I guess you guys might even get to see the costumes in person if you come back early enough :P

  2. Just started following you.

    This is really useful since I'm actually cosplay MZMA for Otakon '12 <33

    Thanks for the screenshots o u o

    1. no problem! Good luck on your cosplay!!! :D

    2. Thanks, I'll need it. So far I've only cut my wig and made 1 glove/gauntlet. That was about 2 month ago u ,u
      As for his clothes, I'm thinking it's a mid-length coat, but only zipped from top to belly button. Then just weirdly pieced together. Hopefully I'll figure it out before making it.

    3. Yeah, I think the entire Skirt/Coat thing is really confusing due to the lack of better references. Stuart is going to do a post on his gauntlet soon, and he has found a coat that he needs to alter. Stay tuned because he needs to finish the entire costume before the end of May. XD


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