Monday, March 26, 2012

Sneak peak at our cosplay contacts

Stuey and I have received our contacts from Pinkyparadise for a while now (about a week or two), here are some sneak peaks at them before we do a review (we don't want to open them too soon):

The pink one is for IBRS and the red one is for MZMA!

Hopefully more exciting posts are coming soon~ whenever we stop procrastinating and get to work >.>



  1. I would love to see these contacts in! They are so pretty~ I have considered getting lenses from this company but not sure how bright they would be against my dark eyes. ^^

    1. I will definitely post some pictures when I open them :D I have dark eyes too, but some lenses are pretty opaque, so they actually show up well. The good thing is, most of the models have dark eyes...but the bad thing don't know how much of the color is photoshop enhanced lol


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