Friday, April 13, 2012

Cosplay Progress - Minene Uryuu Dress

I have finally started making significant progress (enough to warrant a blog post, anyway), so I give you the more-or-less complete Minene Uryuu dress!

Or Uryuu Minene. Whichever. Point being, she likes to blow shit up.

To start, I decided to order a frilly pink dress from Bodyline, because 1) I don't know how to make a dress from scratch and 2) I think I had a hidden desire to completely shred pink lace, because I did so with great pleasure.

So let me begin by saying that I ordered what I later found to be the completely wrong dress for this cosplay. Could I do it over again and save myself much anguish, I would, but instead I took advice from Tim Gunn and decided to "make it work."
Pink is not my friend. Time to take down this lace monstrosity.

It took quite a while to get all of the pink lace off the dress. Here is the result.

I'm pretty sure there was more lace than dress in that thing.

After realizing that the dress was completely not suited to this cosplay and having a brief moment of panic, Mimi had the brilliant idea that I could just turn the dress around backwards so the zipper was in the front and then just alter the neckline from there. Crisis averted! I also cut off the waist tie and altered such that it is a removable velcroed piece.

Just so.

Altered neckline and inevitable mirror picture, huzzah!

Then I had to take in the sleeves pretty heavily, they were way too wide. I used leftover scraps from the waist tie to make the hairpiece. You know what's awkward? When you walk outside to get the mail and forget you're still wearing that hair accessory.

I can stand in the bathroom and hold a camera in front of my face, too! Look how edgy I am.

I'm sorry. The sarcasm doesn't have an off switch.

So what have I learned while making this cosplay?
1) If you're going to alter clothing, make sure you get the right clothing to begin with.
2) Rulers are your friends.
2) Don't try to sew into the dress while you're still wearing it. Just... don't.

And now I just need to make socks like this. And kick Yuno in the face.

Contact and wig reviews for this cosplay will be forthcoming, mostly because 1) I want to wait as long as I can to open the contacts, and 2)I have learned from bitter experience (read: Medusa) that the less you mess with a wig, the easier your life will be.

Now it is time to work on BlackGold Saw, also known as "how in the hell am I going to make a six foot sword out of insulation foam."



  1. Now it is time to work on Black★Gold Saw, also known as "how in the hell am I going to make a six foot sword out of insulation foam."

    Ask a LARP'er?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I am so looking forward to walking around the con with a frilly pink maxi pad on my head >_<

    2. How long did the dress take to make?

  3. If Yuno shows up at the con, I fully expect this kicking-in-the-face thing to happen.

  4. Knit the socks Kathryn! Knit them knit them knit them!


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