Sunday, April 8, 2012

PaSwG Photos - Part 3!

This post continues to feature our Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt photoshoot with Jack Liu.  Again, you are awesome Jack!

For this photoshoot, I got to be Chuck.  Mimi devised a sweet little plan for me to be a human interpretation of Chuck in about 30 seconds.  Once the "zippers", collar, tail, and ears were accounted for, I was basically good to go :D.  Now unlike Mimi and Kathryn, who posed with much elegance and glamour, I got to be as un-photogenic as I wanted, haha!  

Oh yeah, work that camera :P

That's right, half-smile like you own the world!

 And finally, the shot that made my leg hurt for a while DX:
Ah, the PISS-de résistance, Oui oui! (sorry, that was an awful pun series)
That concludes my wonderful Chuck photos.  Thanks again to Jack, and to Mimi for coming up with the idea and helping me make the outfit! :D.   I believe Mimi is up next with her close-ups of Stocking :)


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