Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt photoshoot part 4: Stocking Anarchy

Hi all!  I know you guys have been dying for this...(lol not), I'm finally going to post my pics for our PSG photoshoot by Jack Liu.  My character is Stocking Anarchy, she is "Panty's younger sister, Stocking is a pink and violet-haired goth girl. She is generally more level-headed and intelligent than Panty, although she can be just as rude as her sister when provoked. Stocking has a gluttonous appetite for sweets and doesn't gain weight from consuming "normal" sugary foods, allowing her to eat them to her heart's content — on the other hand, she despises spicy food. She becomes enraged whenever someone tampers with her sweets or calls her overweight." --> according to wikipedia.  (I thought I'd provide a little synopsis about the characters since there were some confusion with certain individuals who made a huge deal out of our photos.  </drama>)  Of course, I'm nothing like Stocking, okay, maybe just the appetite for sweets and doesn't like spicy food part...all else is pretty true.  Q_Q

I confess that I have cheated for this cosplay, I didn't make that dress, it was altered from something I bought off of certain website...that may or may not start with the letter B and rhyme with "decline".  Why is it such a taboo anyway to buy a dress and alter it?  For those who I have offended by doing so, I apologize >.> it might happen again when I'm lazy.  

Onto the photos: stitches on his head >o< I'm sorry~  

The carpet in Katsucon is so pretty!

Stocking is abusive towards both Honekoneko and Chuck

This one is my favorite!  

This was supposed to be the "moe" shot lol  Jack said that "some people like the knee" <.<;;;;
 That's all~  we are working hard on our costumes, so there will be updates coming soon~  btw my stocking wig is from Cosplay Wigs USA if you are interested.



  1. Should have been in the Sakura Matsuri cosplay show! <3

    1. awww, we didn't really know about it Q_Q maybe next time? :D


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