Monday, April 23, 2012

Usamimi Headbands!

  I have been so lazy lately (well, actually busy planning our trip to Orlando right after AZ), I apologize for the lack of updates on our blog.  Q_Q  Anyhow, I always had the desire to obtain a Usamimi headband since when I saw it on the old Asia Jam couple years ago.
  Usamimi, or rabbit ears, is basically the shape these headbands make on your head.  The pictures below shows some beautiful girls sporting them.
I think this is Kumikki lol but don't count my words on it.

Xiaxue - one of my fav. blogger.
and finally Masuwaka Tsubasa!
(I know...they all kinda look like the same person Q_Q it's not like I can change Asian's perception of beauty, don't judge!)
  Cute or not is up to you, but I do think this trend is cute and therefore wanted to obtain one or two of these headbands.  Now, in order to tie this in with our blog, I did find an anime example (lol).
I think she is from Lucky Star
also, if you are familiar with Lolita fashion, then you probably knew that BTSSB has also sold some of these usamimis.

Now, not only were these headbands hard to find on the internet, they were also super expensive.  How much do you think it's worth?  I think ummmmmmmm....maybe $5 - $10.  Since it's not very hard to make, I decided to try making one or two.  I found a couple of tutorials by googling "DIY Usamimi".  Some people have written extensive tutorials for these, so I won't repeat it.

Basically, I just bought some fabric from my local fabric store (1/4 yard), sew it together, put some wire in it, and Voila!  Super simple and fast if you have a sewing machine.  If not, just sew by hand.
I just folded this fabric in half and stitched both sides

This one was one of the quilting squares they sell at fabric stores.  I cut it in half and connected them to make a long strip.

The wire in the middle were taped so that it doesn't poke you later.


making the pointy "ear" part

final product modeled by Honekoneko (with Stuart in the back)

Me wearing it >.<

Me wearing #2 XD
Hope you guys liked it!!!  It takes about 20min to make each one!  :D



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