Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cosplay Progress - Mask Construction

What is this?  It's been forever since I've posted anything!   Sigh...I need to keep you guys updated more often.

Basically, quite a bit more has been added on to my mask since the last you've seen it.  It now more resembles Deus Ex Machina, being a bit fuller and wider than it was before, though I will let you guys examine it for yourselves.   (and sorry in advance for the blurry pics DX)

More was added to the sides, eyebrows were created (sort of) and I glued a loved paper plate to his head!

Inside view (or where I get to place my face :P)
Here's what I got to later on in that same day.  The head was too tall, so I glued it down using another piece of cardboard.  I added a little more to the eyebrows, and finished the cheeks part.

And here's a super sexy secret sneak peek at Mimi's armor progress :P

Well, that's it for today.
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Thanks everyone!


[[[For reference, here's a link to the last update]]]

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