Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nekomimi Parka, those hoodies with ears.

Oh cat ears...I don't even know what to say about you.  I have grown so accustomed to their existence at conventions that my opinion of them has pretty much disappeared.  Where did cat ears originate?  Why do these harmless little ears have such bad reps sometimes? 

Well, the answer is "I don't know."  There just seem to be a cat girl character for everything.  Perhaps it's popularity has attracted a lot of negative attention?  Just like how you have to hate Naruto now because all the 10 year-olds are watching it, and all the new pokemons seem to be stupid because you only know the names to the original 151.  Or perhaps the association between nekomimi and furries is too strong that it just makes people feel grossed out.  

Either way, whether you wear nekomimi or not, it has become part of our fashion trend.  Let me introduce to you (if you didn't already know) the Nekomimi Parka (or cat ear hoodie), a wonderful creation that combines both cat ears and hoodies.  
It's cute, it's unique, and it is not too weird.  You can purchase these anywhere now, but my favorites are the ones made by the Japanese brand Putumayo.  
Aren't they just adorable?  No?  okay.... Q_Q  

If you feel that cat ears alone cannot make you feel satisfied due to your insatiable appetite in Anikawa (anime-kawaii) fashion, then you should try the hoodies that comes with cat paws or even ears from other animals such as rabbits, bears, and pandas.
Paws, anyone?
I think this is from a Korean brand called Dodo style.
Tare panda!!!
Anyhow, cute or not is up to you!  :P

~ Mimi ~

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