Monday, February 27, 2012

Animazement Cosplay Plans

So our AZ plans for this year have been decided: We're doing group cosplays as characters from Mirai Nikki and Black Rock Shooter (and hopefully signing up for the Masquerade this year, which is exciting).

I had a bit of a change of heart regarding Dead Master. While her scythe is beyond awesome, the rest of her costume (read: her shoes) seemed a bit boring to me, so instead I'll be going as BlackGold Saw, whose boots are suitably absurd:

Who wears short shorts? We do, apparently...

There is no logical reason why I should be so excited to learn how to make giant weapons. But I really, really am.

Who doesn't want armored thigh high boots, I ask you?

As for Mirai Nikki, I will be cosplaying the militant atheist terrorist who really enjoys blowing things up, Diary Holder #9 - Minene Uryuu.

Why am I always cosplaying the antagonists? I think this says something about me...

Unfortunately I will not have much time to work on the costumes for the next few weeks (curse you, MCAT!), so I can't really get started properly until March 25. Assuming my brain hasn't seeped out of my skull by that point.

But there has been some progress! I have ordered contacts (from Pinky Paradise - reviews will be forthcoming) and wigs, and I am currently still looking for a pair of high-waisted faux-leather shorts (not the easiest thing to find, mind you).

Updates will be coming...until I go into panic mode.



  1. Hey now, just because you're a terrorist bomber with crazy hair doesn't mean you're an antagonist. Just sayin...:P

  2. Just FYI, I did some research and noticed that Black Gold Saw has knee high boots with thigh high socks and some knee guards. That might make the searching process easier >.< Knee high boots are more common than thigh high anyways.


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