Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey, I want to make a post too~

Mimi and Kathryn have both announced their cosplay plans for Animazement '12, so I guess I'll be a copy cat :3

From the BRS series, I will be doing MZMA (pronounced Mazuma), the second of the Seven Apostles.
Oddly shaped sword, giant hands, non-matching boots, what's not to like? :P
  Since there aren't many pictures of MZMA beside this one, I will be using this video as a reference for any other details.  As for progress, I jumped on Mimi's wig and contacts orders and got a red wig and red contacts. We also bid on a pair of hockey gloves to use as the base for the hands.

From Mirai Nikki, I will be going as Deus Ex Machina, the deteriorating god of time and space.
I'm really liking the hair, and the large chin.
I am planning on, and currently creating, a mask for his face (no human face looks like that).   I have not quite decided what to do for his hair yet, but whatever it is, it will be awesome.  

I am really excited about this year....maybe it's because I will get to carry a huge sword and dress up as a god.  But it also might be that I feel that I will make the transition from Cosplay Noob to Sort of Somewhat Experienced Cosplayer-ish Person.  Also, if we are able to do a skit at the masquerade this year it would be AMAZING, but we'll see how that turns out.

Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated on the mask making for Deus (hopefully ending up with a progress gallery/tutorial).  If Cosplay-Vania reaches to 5000 views, I'll make a little victory composition for us :D.  Thanks Everyone!



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