Monday, February 20, 2012

Katsucon 18 Lolita meet-up

Lolita fashion is awesome!  Puffy dresses, cute hair, and lots of ways to coordinate.  I have been to ONE local lolita meet-up in 2011, but despite all the rumors regarding how self-centered lolitas can be, I loved everyone of the girls that was at the meet-up.  The same can be said about the girls I met at Katsucon couple days ago, although I spent most of my time talking to about three people total, I still had lots of fun socializing and looking at people's coordinates.  I think one of the most important thing to do at a lolita meet-up is to be open-minded.  If you go in thinking that everyone else is going to judge you because you are not wearing burando, then you will not have a good time.  The whole point of going to a meet-up is to make friends, why would you go if you fear judgement?

Anyhow, here are some of the lovely pictures Stu took for us.  He was stuck with a fixed lens, so he had to hide in a corner to take pictures XD.

Stu's self-portrait


Cute Derin!! LJ name: Irohamomiji

Kathryn and Stu

Sweet girls

More sweet

Less sweet but more elegant girls


Dawen Huang with his awesome awesome digital camera.  
  A collection of all the photos from the lolita meet-up can be found at my flickr account HERE.  Please credit to this blog if you are taking photos to post on other places.  Remember, not everyone wants to be identified >.<

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