Sunday, February 26, 2012

Insane Black Rock Shooter cosplay progress part 1

(Second part of the progress is out!  Read it HERE)

So I have decided to do the IBRS for AZ this year along with Murumuru from Mirai Nikki.  Below are the pictures of both characters.
IBRS with her awesome weapon!
Murumuru without pants Q_Q
I am a little anxious about how much detail I could put into IBRS since I have never made armors before.  As for Murumuru, she doesn't wear pants!!!!!!! are those leg thingies that float around her legs????  I have some idea for how to make this weird magical pants, but we will see.  Otherwise, her outfit is pretty simple.  I have one white plastic bangle already, woot!

So I have started to shop for IBRS's costume.  First up are the boots that are going to be the support pieces for the leg armors.  (pls ignore my messy room)
I fount them at Kohl's for about $40, they have the small heels I want for the cosplay and the tightness.  Also, the boots have no buckles, so I don't have to take anything off~ 
I'm planning on making the armors for the boots with craft foam.  

I ordered a BRS wig from Cosplay Wig USA.  You can get the same wig HERE.  It is a pretty standard black wig that needs to be restyled so that one side of the pigtail is longer than the other.  (I have gotten several wigs from this website before, I think their wig quality is definitely higher than the ones on ebay)
picture taken from

I ordered my contact lenses from Pinky paradise, I guess there will be a review for it once it gets here.

Other than that, I also purchased the leather pants I need from HERE.  
Since I weigh soooooooo much more than this model (obviously), I just hope the shorts would look half as good on me as they are on her. Q_Q

Humm, I also got some glue from Michaels, one of which is specifically for craft foam.  We will see how nice these will work in holding my armors together.  
Craft foam glue, Krazy glue for attaching things to less porous material, and glue sticks!!!! 
That is all for now, my actual making of the costume will start....tomorrow! XD


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