Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cosplay Wishlist - Mimi edition

One of the things I would really like to do is to cosplay something extravagant that will take up a ton of my time (and money Q_Q.)  Not only it is AWESOME to wear cool costumes, but there are also many skills that one could acquire from the process of costume making.

Below is a list of skills I would love to work on:
1. Armor making (mainly from craft foam)
2. Use Wonderflex
3. Weapon making
4. Fabric Printing
5. Use expandable foam
6. Cast resin
7. Use LED lights in something

lol can you tell that I'm an avid fan of Kamui? Her amazing tutorials give me so many inspirations.

Well, here's my cosplay wishlist:

Easy Mode

1. A girl character from Mirai Nikki

2. Stocking Anarchy (Angel) from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

3. Niche from Tegami Bachi (with Steak)

Standard Mode

4. Victorique from Gosick

5. Rasiel from Dantalian no Shoka

6. Mikuni from Shangri La

Hard Mode

7. Ritualist imperial armor from Guild Wars

8. Necromancer Vabbian armor from Guild Wars
9. Xandra Deldrimor armor from Guild Wars

10. Insane Black Rock Shooter

11. Seth from Trinity Blood (Artbook version)

12. Queen Esther from Trinity Blood

Oni Mode

13. Shiva Sisters from FFXIII

Okay, that's it for now~  ideas are all very welcome!!! I would love to find more costumes that I like.
Now I have to decide whether to make Insane Black Rock Shooter for Animazement or not >.<


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