Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cosplay Wish List - Stuart Edition

Since Mimi is making a wish list, I figure I'd better make one too :P.    After looking through some of the ones I chose, however, it seems apparent that I like things with giant weapons, haha.

Things I would like to cosplay:

1. Mzma - Black Rock Shooter: The Game

2. Aeon - Castlevania: Judgement

3. Luso - Final Fantasy Tactics A2

4. Abel Nightroad - Trinity Blood

5. Balthier - Final Fantasy XII

6. Paragon (Vabbian Armor and some awesome spear and shield, hehe) - Guild Wars

Cosplay I want to do with Mimi :D   :

1. Lag Seeing - Tegami Bachi 

2. Kujo - Gosick

3. Professor - Dantalian no Shoka

This list may grow in the future as I research more awesome concept arts, games, and anime!  Awesome!



  1. I still think that the paragon armor is a little cross-dressing like >.> maybe I'm too conservative. Would you dye your hair if you are going to do Balthier? XD

    1. I'd totally rock that man-skirt-thing, especially if I had a spear and shield to go with it, haha.

      The hair...yeah, I would dye my hair blond-ish if I needed to. COSPLAY ACCURACY!!!! :P


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