Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest, perhaps a good place for cosplay?

When it comes to social networking, Pinterest is pretty unique and has a huge female fan-base.  It is pretty user friendly (despite the occasional errors) and the contents are simple to understand.  It almost mimics the idea of shopping, where you just take pictures and ideas you like and put into your shopping cart.  Although Pinterest is wonderful, it does lack some diversity.  Most of the popular contents on Pinterest are fashion, food, beauty, and home decor related.  To celebrate the nerd that is inside every and each one of us (especially if you cosplay lol), I created a pin-board dedicated to Cosplay.  This is where I store some of the amazing/funny/useful cosplay related pictures.  After starting this pin board, I have begin to notice that there are many others like myself who uses pinterest for the nerdier side of themselves, so here are a couple that I would like to feature:

 Cosplay Inspiration board by Otakon: if you live on the east coast, you probably would know that Otakon is huge anime convention held in Baltimore every summer.  This board has a great selection of cosplay photos featured from all over the internet.  Otakon has also created several other boards dedicated to Japanese culture.

Summer Puente's entire pinterest account:  Summer has an amazing collection of pins very neatly categorized into boards.  Examples of her boards that I really like are: huesos, locomotion, and 'jelly and kraken and octopuses'.  Her pins are very unique, artistic, and inspiring.

Alice's Yarn Crafts Board:  Alice is awesome, she knits, crochets, and pins about unusual yarn crafts.  I really enjoy her collection of crocheted animal parts.

I know there are a ton of boards out there that I would love to feature in the future, so comment below if you have one that you would like me to check out!


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