Monday, February 27, 2012

Styling the Dr.Stein wig

Now that we have Katsucon behind us and ready to move on to the cosplay for AZ, I finally forced Stuart to send me the durpy pictures I took of him when I was styling his Dr.Stein wig. (Dr.Stein is a crazy teacher character from Soul Eater, in case you didn't know)  This is by no means a tutorial, for I have absolutely no experience in cutting hair.  However, this is a warning about wigs you get from ebay.

So we purchased a generic Dr.Stein wig from China on ebay.  The picture of the wig they provided looked like this:
It looks so nice in the picture: not very shiny, with nice feathered tips at the back.  The color is nice as well.  Wigs usually comes with long bangs so that the wearer can style it to his/her face.  Since the wig was only about $22, we jumped on the bandwagon of buying wigs from China.  Alas, that was perhaps not the best decision we have made in our life.  The wig that arrived looked rather shiny and thin that some layers of hair sewn on the wig already came off the moment Stuart tried it on.

And here comes in the Super Mimi that tries to save the day!  First of all, I had to make sure that all the threads on the wigs were intact and all the layers of hair were sewn on tightly.  I resew some of the layers that came undone.
This is what the wig looked like on Stuart before anything was done to it:
He looks like Kitaro from GeGeGe no Kitaro
Then I took out my mother's hair cutting scissors (what do you call those things?) and started to cut away all the unnecessary hair.
I obviously was very good at making this wig into an Ayanami Rei wig...This is what Stuart looked like after almost losing a piece of his ear.

Finally, I figured out that in order to cut layers into the wig, I had to brush vertically and cut vertically.  With the help of some hair gum, this is what the finally product looked like:
Not too bad right???? hahaha!!!

Until Next Time~

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