Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shit Cosplayers Say

With the recent trend of Shit Girls Say/Shit Guys Say/Shit (insert group here)s Say videos,  there was bound to be a  "Shit Cosplayers Say," and there have been.  But, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed with these videos.  Maybe it's just me being a cosplay noob, but I don't find myself saying the same things these videos report.  

So, in an attempt to correct this, here's our take on "Shit Cosplayers Say."

  • "Omg how am I gonna make that?"
  • "Fuck, I forgot to get more glue sticks..."
  • "No, I can't buy this dress, I need to save money for wonderflex!"
  • "More craftfoam!"
  • "Spray paint, y u no work on vinyl?"
  • "My feet hurt Q_Q *while wearing hooker boots*"
  • "Why is the hotel one block away from the con?"
  • "This weapon is gonna be AWESOME...shit, how do we transport it?"
  • "Ahhhhhhhh my wig is falling!"
  • "What other character has a (insert color here) wig?  I should cosplay characters that I have the wigs for already."
  • "Goodwill, why don't you have tacky trench coats when I need one???"
  • In Michaels: "Shit...I forgot to bring a reference picture"
  • "What shade of black is this?"
  • "Professor, I have this *ahem* important thing to attend >.> I can't come to the exam on Friday..." *in reality...going to a con*.
  • "Packing list: glue gun (check), duct tape (check), sewing kit (check), extra fun foam (check)..."
  • "Mannnnnnn, the one year I stop cosplaying (insert series here), EVERYONE decides to cosplay it."
  • Looking at other cosplayers:     "Duuuuuude, that outfit is awesome....I wish I knew where it was from >.<"
And finally, as a recent experience from home depot:

Anyways, that's all.  We are still trying to decide exactly what we will do for our next con.  We will let you know what has been decided!  Thanks!


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